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Depression is not being sad about not being able to find an outfit to wear to a party.
It is not changing your clothes for 3 days because you can’t bear to leave the house, let alone get out of bed.

Suicidal thoughts are not wanting to kill yourself because you see someone wearing the same outfit as you.
It’s seeing simple everyday things like rope, a knife, a freeway, or pills and thinking that you should kill yourself with them because you just can’t take the pain anymore.

Anxiety is not just being scared for an exam.
It is not being able to make a phone call or feeling so sick from worry for no reason.

Anorexia is not simply forgetting to eat breakfast.
It is dry skin, hair falling out, hospitals and inner torture. It is forcing yourself to have water instead of food, because even fruit has too many calories.

Bipolar is not being really happy for one day, then feeling normal the next.
It is going from euphoria, having your mind racing with rapid speech, to feeling like you want to jump off a bridge.

Retardation is not doing something silly.
It is falling behind in school, not being able to adapt in new situations and having little social skills.

So please don’t take mental illnesses lightly;
they are one of the heaviest burdens to bear.

—  Brooke. (via semperlibera)

Taller (by koe.inlow)

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Funny You Should Ask/The Front Bottoms.

1. Sometimes letting go is the best thing to do.
2. The truth might hurt, but it’ll set you free.
3. Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone, go out there and do what you were always scared of doing.
4. You’re gonna screw up every now and then and that’s totally fine.
5. Loving yourself is the best way to attract good people and good vibes.
6. There’s nothing wrong with crying every once in a while.
7. Don’t be afraid to stand up when some people are acting like insensitive little cunts.
8. Be thankful for what you have before it’s too late.
9. Pictures are the best way to capture the beauty of a moment.
10. Stop overthinking things, it’ll only make you feel worse.
11. The people that are meant to be in your life will always come back.
12. You shouldn’t hang around people that are stopping you from growing.
13. School can be annoying, but seriously never stop learning. Being well educated is one of the biggest gift you could ever have.
14. Never be ashamed of your past and everything you’ve been through. If it wasn’t for that you wouldn’t be who you are today.
—  14 things I learned in 2014 (via incanddescent)